So I just finished the Wheel of Time...

So I just finished the Wheel of Time...

What now?

Last night I finished a Memory of Light, the final book in the Wheel of Time series and oh my word...I have so many emotions. For some context, I started this series in August 2020 and finished the last book in July of 2021. It took me around a year of listening (yes I listened to audio books, they still count, fight me) and I feel so empty now that its finished. I am planning to write a final book and series review but I think I need some time to stew and process what I just experienced. So for now, I will stick to writing a short article about how I'm feeling at present.

First thing I did after finishing the last book (after crying for a bit) was to jump onto YouTube and consume all of the spoiler filled content that I had been avoiding like the plague for the past few months. I watched all of Daniel Greene's videos, all of Murphy Napier's videos and a few random Wheel of Time reviews and discussions. It did not work. The hole was still there, I felt empty, like I had nothing left to look forward to in this world. A bit dramatic I know but don't judge me.

Maybe I should read Sanderson I thought? He finished the Wheel of Time and I've heard his stories are good if not better than what I just consumed...but just like a young person after a break up, I need time before I am ready to love again. Now just to be clear, I really loved the ending to a Memory of Light and wouldn't change anything. Brandon did a phenomenal job and I feel that the series did indeed wrap up well. Alas, I am still heart sore. On a positive note, it is good to know that a story can have this much of an impact on me, and my pain now that it's over is proof of how much I adored the journey. I will now constantly be seeking that same high of getting lost in a massive world, falling in love with characters and losing myself in another story.

For now, I leave you with this. There are no endings, nor will there ever be an the turning of the Wheel of Time. Till next time guys.