My First Blog!

My First Blog!

Hi everyone, so this is my first blog post. It feels odd sharing my thoughts and ideas online but it's something I have wanted to try out for a while now. Writing has always been something I was interested in but I never could find the time. Hopefully this isn't just a once off!

I am not sure where I want this blog to go and I am writing this mostly for my future self, just to see how the blog started and where I was when I decided to create one. So...Hi future me! I hope you are still happy, healthy and just as attractive (that is, just above average 😁) .

Right now I am working as a Software Developer and the highlight of my days recently has been reading the Wheel of Time, which I hope to review once I finish the last book. Now that I’ve mentioned reviews, I think that I will use this blog to document/review books that I have read and discuss my interpretation of the texts as well as my overall thoughts about them. I also want to talk about non-fiction books, mostly around investment and self development.

I recently had an idea after watching Matt D’Avella’s series of videos where he attempts to develop twelve habits over twelve months. I hope to do something similar, trying to develop some new habits whilst using this blog as a form of accountability. Hopefully I will also get a few people involved in the twelve month challenge and we can all share our experiences. This however is a little ways down the road, and maybe I will launch that alongside a YouTube channel but who knows, I am known for being indecisive.

Well, that's it for my first post. Next I think I will try to pick a font. Chat soon all!