Storm Front (Dresden Files) - Review

Storm Front (Dresden Files) - Review

"Smiles always seem to annoy people more than insults...or maybe I just have an annoying smile"

What a fun book. I loved this story and the character of Harry (the wizard not the lizard) Dresden, such a charismatic and likable human being.  When going over my notes for this review, the most common theme was the humor. Harry is hilarious and such a fun character to follow. It might be a bit early to say this, but if the rest of the books are as fun and deep as this one (in terms of character development), then Harry Dresden may become one of my favorite characters ever written.


The book overall is quite short ,especially for a fantasy novel, but I think the length is one of the books greatest strengths. It’s a short, well contained story that focuses on character development and relationships. The book never leaves Harry's perspective, which is why it was so important for his character to be relatable and fun to read.

Good news, it was. This story follows detective Harry Dresden as he helps the police to solve the gruesome murders of two people who were killed by magic…oh yes, and Harry is also a Wizard.  I don't want to say any more about the story as these books hinge on the mystery being well…mysterious, and saying anymore would compromise that experience for you.

Highlights - Spoilers

I think that highlight of this book for me was the build-up. This seems like such a deep world with so many different sides to it. Imagining all of the possible stories that could take place in this world was what excited me the most. Vampires, werewolves, trolls? What is the white council? How did Harry end up where he is, and on bad terms with the wizarding world? So many questions and very few answers. The fact that this isn't an origin story and that we start of following Harry when he is already established in this world, lets Butcher to tease us with lore, allowing our imaginations and curiosity to fuel our interest.

Final Thoughts

I found this book to be a fun entry into this world and I am excited to read more. Harry is a fun guy with a great personality and I hope his character develops even more as the series progresses. I strongly recommend this novel to any fantasy fan or anyone who enjoys detective/mystery books.